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Aileen Winifred Cunningham

Patent History of the Combination Dispenser

On the 07 February, 1913 the first patent application was filed and on the 10 February, 1914 a patent was granted for a combination Salt & Pepper dispenser. Another 16 people filed over 82 years before Aileen filed an application for her combination dispenser invention, invented on Easter Saturday, 08 April, 1995. Aileen is the only female and the last person to date, spanning 102 years from 1913 to 2015 to have a patent granted for a combination dispenser.

Combination Condiment Dispenser in Unique Design Styles

The top loading aspect of Aileen’s invention enables the condiment dispenser to be designed in any external shape, and the top cap and the dispensing plate can be removed for easy cleaning.

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 Our Story

by Aileen Winifred Cunningham.

Aileen was born in Balclutha and raised in Clinton, and now lives at 26 Clifford Street in Balclutha, South Otago, New Zealand.

Aileen is the founder of Vhent Enterprise and developed the business with passion and dedication, acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills, including working with wood and wood turning, to produce the Camba Salt & Pepper, a unique Kiwiana Souvenir and Promotional gift item. Vhent Enterprise is a home based business hobby which provides a foundation for growth by keeping the doors of opportunity open.

The involvement of her family, and inspirational input from her nine grandchildren in the early development years up to the present day, with now ten grandchildren involved, is special and valued by Aileen.

Aileen treasures the spiritual journey and guidance she experienced from Easter Saturday, 08 April 1995 spanning 20 years to 2015 and onward with commitment, passion and a belief in life, her family, her business hobby, and the community she lives in.