Camba Café Guests

Virtual Camba Café is ready for guests. 1 Camba Cafe Guest Albert Einstein has time travelled to Camba Café to jot down his quote:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”

2 Camba Cafe Guest Albert Einstein is enjoying a large white at Camba Café. 3 Camba Cafe Guest A miracle photo shot with an old traditional rugby ball.

“Taine Waka Lee Cunningham”

4 Camba Cafe Guest Camba sees the Rugby Super 15 Trophy is on the table in 2015. 5 Camba Cafe Guest Richie MaCaw is thinking about the All Blacks and the Rugby World Cup. 6 Camba Cafe Guest The Queen of England is thinking about the Rugby World Cup in 2015. 7 Camba Cafe Guest The New Zealand All Blacks make history and win The Webb Ellis Cup 2015.

“All Black Rugby World Cup back-to-back title win”

8 Camba Cafe Guest

Oprah Winfrey is proud of her book. 8 Camba Cafe Guest Barack Obama is on the hot seat considering UFO Disclosure. 9 Camba Cafe Guest Alien in Balclutha is thinking UFO Disclosure might not be a bad thing. 10 Camba Cafe Guest Tara is enjoying a visit sitting on the red seat. 11 Camba Cafe Guest Service with a smile from Kasey.

“Kasey Anne Cunningham”

Unique seating in virtual Camba Café.

“Inspired by a dream of Jazmin Ngahuia Cunningham”

Camba© Country in Vhentland

26 Clifford Street


New Zealand