Camba Story

Camba Museum entrance at 26 Clifford Street, Balclutha, New Zealand.

1 Camba Story

The patent history of the Combination Dispenser for Salt & Pepper.

2 Camba Story

Inventor Aileen’s NZ patent with an earlier one of Mr Kin Chao Sun’s of China.

3 Camba Story

A special gift from Balclutha in the South Island of New Zealand.

4 Camba Story

A New Zealand Made souvenir and promotional product made by Vhent.

5 Camba Story

The Camba and the Balclutha Bridge.

6 Camba Story

The Balclutha War Memorial Hall has been demolished to make way for the Clutha Community Hub-Te Pou o Mata-Au7 Camba Story

 Clutha Community Hub-Te Pou o Mata-Au. (presently a work in progress)

Camba© Country in Vhentland

26 Clifford Street


New Zealand