Camba Museum

Camba Museum at 26 Clifford Street, Balclutha.

1 Camba Museum

The world’s first wood turned Camba in Camba Museum.

“A variety of first Camba Creations in a variety of wood”

2 Camba Museum

The following Camba Creations.

“In native New Zealand Rimu wood”

3 Camba Museum

Camba Creations

“In Natural New Zealand Timber”

4 Camba Museum

Camba “two in one” Salt and Pepper dispenser.

“New Zealand Made”

5 Camba Museum

The original Camba Rugby Ball with a twin funnel filler.

6 Camba Museum

Our Camba Story.

7 Camba Museum

A wood carving sculpture.

“Carved by Aileen Winifred Cunningham in Balclutha in 2011”

8 Camba Museum

Green Cap and Red Cap gnomes in Balclutha.

9 Camba Museum

Winnie Pooh and friends join the fun.

10 Camba Museum

The Balclutha Butterflies join in as well.

11 Camba Museum

The VHENT BMG Folder Balloons.

” Reminding everyone of many years of hard work and fun”

12 Camba Museum

Camba© Country in Vhentland

26 Clifford Street


New Zealand