Camba Kids


The Colours Poem.

“Supplied by Laegan-Khara Aileen Heremaia from Rosebank School”

1 Camba Kids

Vhent’s fun “twist twist” action Salt and Pepper.

3 Camba Kids

Picnic time for All Black Teddy Bears with RWC in 2011.

2 Camba Kids

An Otago Rugby Story

“ball boy”

7 Camba Kids

Clutha Country Logo and VHENT BMG Logo.

“VHENT BMG Logo designed by Taine Waka Lee Cunningham”

5 Camba Kids

Ten mandala’s designed by each VHENT BMG member.

“Jazmin, Laegan, Kasey, Taine, Chance,

Jessica, Kory, Josh, Jordan, & Nevaeh”

4 Camba Kids

The ever beautiful rainbow, remembering Dolly Parton’s quote:

“If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain”

7 Camba Kids

Camba Kids Ten Colour Rainbow inspired by Jazmin Ngahuia Cunningham.

“Rainbow Rainbro Twist Twist inspired by Josh Lewis Cunningham”

8 Camba Kids

Anything is possible if you believe.

6 Camba Kids

Our Stories.

“He Tangata, He Tangata, HeTangata”

“It is People, It is People, It is People”

9 Camba Kids2

A new era.

10 Camba Kids

A future of hope and opportunities.

11 Camba Kidssss

 Camba© Country in Vhentland

26 Clifford Street


New Zealand