Camba Home

The Camba Museum is in our home at 26 Clifford Street, Balclutha.

1a Camba Home

The nine VHENT BMG members.

15a Our Camba Story

A wee Vhent BMG member and a day in the Vhent Office.

“Jordan Aaron Cunningham”

3 Camba Home

Good work completed.

4 Camba Home

Delivering the Financial Report on 31 May, 2006.

5 Camba Home

Making a discovery in the toy box.

6 Camba Home

The ten VHENT BMG members.

15b Our Camba Story

The ten VHENT BMG members and “Our Story.”

8 Camba Home

Vhent Enterprise Office.

5 Camba Home

Vhent’s place of creation.

6 Camba Home


“Working All Hours.” (WAH)

7 Camba Home


“Time Out.” (TO)

8 Camba Home

Vhent’s Family Stories.

9 Camba Home

Camba© Country in Vhentland

26 Clifford Street


New Zealand