Camba Shop

Welcome to virtual Camba Shop.

“All ideas for the future are welcome”

1 Camba Shops

Mugs, Coasters and Place Mats for the table.

2 Camba Shop

Camba Tea Towel.

3 Camba Shop

Office items.

4 Camba Shop

Footwear and Caps.

5 Camba Fun

T Shirts.

6 Camba Shop

Camba Key Ring and Camba Jewellery Talismans.

6 Camba Shop

Heaven sent by Vhent.

“Vhent and Camba Scent”

7 Camba Shop

Camba Clock.

8 Camba Shop

New Zealand Kiwiana Camba Rugby Ball.

” This gift is available to purchase for $45.00″

Copy of 10 Camba Shop

Camba© Country in Vhentland

26 Clifford Street


New Zealand